Gator Duck Hunt

How to play:

Use W,A,S,D to move the big gator.
Arrows to move the baby gator.
Space to jump.

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Info: Gator Duck Hunt

Gator Duck Hunt

Online game for 2 players of the two fabulous alligator that got into a fairyland. But guys obviously did not want to be there, so now they are actively trying to get out of there. Make it easy, especially given the ability of alligators. On the way home, our heroes will get into all sorts of wrangles, which are somehow able to destroy one of the relatives. Remember that a large gator is free to overcome any obstacles related to the fire. The big alligator can put out the fire, only stepping on it. Little is a family member, also has magical abilities, he can overcome the water by placing a wooden bridge. If you like these cute, of course, and sometimes evil creation, then we invite you to a game there and meet. Free online games for girls fashion allow you to find the most exquisite feminine image through various monads style.

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