Heavy Danger

Every character has a different play style:

1. Norm: Can be used for any situation. Beginners will find him easier to use. Useful for engaging light infantry directly and supporting other players.

2. Carl: Best used for long range attacks. Snipe targets carefully and take control over a distance.

3. Squeakers: Can dart around the battle quickly and revive other players fast. Use him to open up pockets and take down heavy bad guys up close.

4. Happy: Slow, but with a lot of health. Best used by spraying into large clusters of enemies. Make sure to burst fire!

How to play:

Use four different soldiers to shoot down enemies and survive 21 waves of pure chaos!

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Info: Heavy Danger

Heavy Danger

Welcome to Heavy Danger! This army game is designed for your attentiveness, patience, perseverance, ability to think logically. All those who love war games, this game is for you. The main thing is not to fall under attack! Good Luck Soldier!

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