My Little Pony The Travel

How to play:

Arrow keys - Fluttershy.
A, Z - Rainbow Dash.

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Info: My Little Pony The Travel

My Little Pony The Travel

Two friends pony named Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy from My Little Pony love to spend time together, traveling and flying in the sky. A huge amount of time they spend in this way. However, sometimes they are so addicted to the process and communication with each other, which sometimes do not notice some of the obstacles that arise in their way. In this online game for two players you will need to prevent collision of two friends with a variety of obstacles that may interfere with their fun. It should immediately be noted that in this game you can play together, where each player will control one of the ponies. The game has several types of obstacles that you will need to fly around. The main of them – a crown of tall trees and fences.

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