Skies Of War

How to play:

Mouse - Fly Around.
Left Click Mouse Button - Shoot.
C - Switch Weapon.
R - Roll.

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Info: Skies Of War

Skies Of War

Have you dreamed of someday becoming a pilot an airliner? If such a prospect seems boring to you, but the desire to fly still will not disappear, let’s look at the alternatives. The Fighter – here it is much more interesting to a simple passenger aircraft! Here you can shoot, start of the war in heaven, and even to bomb a couple of enemy tanks at the bottom. Knowing all this, you decide to join the army. After pilot training, the hero begins his heavenly war, full of enthusiasm. He does not know how hard it is to perform the mission, while remaining alive. Enemies immediately begin firing everyone who risked their airspace. But the reward for the destruction of strategically important objects of the enemy – it’s not small money. For such a jackpot worth fighting for. Buy a military fighter, equip it as you want, and start of the war in heaven today.

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