Xtreme Firepower

When her parents misteriously vanished when she was five, Nikita was adopted by Dr. Lazarus. She grew up in his secret testing facility, under the cover of the Lazarus Corporation. Along with several other students she was thought how to fight, survive and most of all, how to assasinate key figures that stood in the way of Dr. Lazarus' expanding business. But when, by accident, Nikita discovered that here parents were among the first victims of the Lazarus Corporation, she ran away. Now she's back and the thirst for revenge is greater than ever...

There are few plaCes on Earth where Brute hasn't shot someone. The 35 year old battle scarred mercenary is a killing machine. He has no name, no address, no background – only his codename, Brute. This makes him the perfect choice for the Government – he was hired to work his way through the Lazarus Corporation and in the end to take out Dr. Lazarus himself. The Governent's plan was to go in quietly but Brute doesn't do covert-ops. With weapons locked and loaded, Brute is ready to embark on his new mission...

How to play:

Shoot - use the mouse.
To reload weapon - the space bar.


Info: Xtreme Firepower

Xtreme Firepower

In the Xtreme Firepower online game 2 main heroes – Nikita and Brute. Initially, these two characters were to Lazarus profitable investment of money. But, as always in such cases, something went wrong and our heroes rebelled against his creator.

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